Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Monograms and Manicures

Someone please help me out! I know I said I wasn't going to post while I'm away but I was on my reader today and found out that Hopsy/Kappa Prep/Monograms and Manicures went private and I don't have an invite. She doesn't know me I don't think but I love her blog, and it made me so sad. Stupid mean people really cheese me off, and apparently someone was mean to her and that's not cool.

Does anyone know how to get in touch with her so I can get an invite?

Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm off!!

Hey everyone!

I'm FINALLY leaving for Europe today! So, it's likely that I'll be on a posting hiatus here until I get back...but be sure and check out my travel blog (Kat's Travels) for regular updates on Ireland, Switzerland, and Italy!

I hope everyone is having a great summer!



Saturday, May 16, 2009


I want to enter a super cute giveaway that Southern Starlet is hosting. However, the first step is: put her button on my page.

How do you do that? I feel like I should know this.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Giveaway Winner!!!

Well, well, well! We have a winner for the very first Preppy Politico Giveaway Extravaganza! I used the old pick names out of a hat trick, and....

Angela at Sweet Tea Diaries is our winner!

Just so you know, I love your blog (c: shoot me an e-mail to let me know which design you would like, and whether you would like your name, a monogram, or a phrase! If you want close-ups or screen shots of any of the designs, let me know (some are so hard to see but they are so cute up-close)


I would like to take a minute to thank my sister, Carolyn, who provided me with all of these super preppy and adorable designs (c:

I won!

MLG and Prep-E Girl, thank you so much! This is the first giveaway that I have won and I am SO excited to have won because the stationary is just so beautiful.

Isn't this stationary just beautiful, everyone? I am so excited! Thanks again Prep-E girl and MLG!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Angela Moore Giveaway at Nautical by Nature!

Kate over at Nautical By Nature is hosting a giveaway of these adorable bracelets:

Head on over to her blog to check it out! Giveaway ends Thursday May 14!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

stationary giveaway!! Ends May 15!

Hey everyone! My sister and I are giving away great stationary to a lucky winner! The winner will receive the stationary she chooses, along with the monogram or name (in the winner's chosen font), as well as paper style, from the ones shown below!
In order to win, leave a comment on this blog!

In order to get extra entries:
Post about this giveaway on your blog
Post a picture of your favorite of the below stationary on the blog entry
mention the giveaway on twitter
become a follower of this blog
become a follower of me on twitter:

You get an extra entry for each thing above that you do. Ya'll that is 6 chances to win! Just let me know about it in your comments! Good luck!!

These designs were custom made by Carolyn, my wonderful sister. I'm working on some designs, but I don't have her talent yet (c: Thanks sis!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Giveaway at Lauren Nicole Gifts!

For all ya'll who have to send a belated mother's day gift and you want to make a good impression, head on over to Lauren Nicole Gifts where she is hosting a great Lilly Pulitzer giveaway! It's a cosmetic bag and a bottle of perfume, and I think that it would make a great gift for your mother, a friend, or yourself!

Isn't this great? Go on over and sign up to win!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

travel products!

I decided that I wanted to give solid shampoos and conditioners a try for this trip. Have ya'll ever heard of LUSH cosmetics? It's a website that mostly has organic and vegan products, but it specializes in solid shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc. I ordered the trichomania solid shampoo. It's 3.5 oz for 9.75, but it's supposed to last as long as 3 bottles of normal shampoo, which costs me about 6 dollars a pop.

The conditioner is called Junglemania, and it smells soooo good! It was 9.95 for 3.5 oz, but again, is supposed to last as long as 3 bottles of shampoo.

Seriously, you should try these things. They are just one of many things that you can buy in order to avoid those pesky 3 oz. rules on planes (especially for long trips where you don't want to check bags). Go to to order yours! They have tons of other products, too, depending on your fancy.

Once I've figured out the longer term effects of these products, I'll let ya'll know, but so far, they work like a dream!

3 jobs?!

The second part of my summer is shaping up to be pretty interesting! I get back to the states on June 22, and as soon as I get back it's going to be a flurry of activity and work.

I work for a dining hall here on campus, and when it closes for the summer it sends everyone willing over to another dining hall to work. So, I'll be doing that for 25 hours a week. Plus, I just interviewed for an internship with the department of rec sports marketing department. They seemed to like me, and I REALLY would love to gain the experience, so keep 'em crossed!

That's 2 jobs at 40 hours a week. THEN there's the job that I took for 40 hours for one week transferring a company here in town from their old operating system to the new one.

I'm gonna have my work cut out for me! On the plus side, looks like I won't really have to work that much during the school year.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rue La La!!

How is it that everyone knew about this place but me?
However, thanks to Preppy Pink Crocodile, I got an invite to this excellent online source!

I am new to the Lilly movement, and the only Lilly Pulitzer I have ever bought was the leash/harness I got for my sister's puppy for Christmas, which doesn't actually belong to me.

Well, I had COVETED this halter top (I found a halter top!) when it was in-season last year, but the price-tag kept me away. But with the Rue La La boutique sale, I got it for $49! I couldn't pass it up!!

Because I've spent this entire year saving every penny for Europe and never once going outside of a strict monthly budget, spending the money gave me INCREDIBLE buyer's remorse, even though I've given myself a shopping budget for summer clothes. Luckily, whenever I look at this picture, I get all thrilled and happy! I hope hope HOPE that it fits well and that my first piece of Lilly turns me into a lifetime lover of it!
What did ya'll buy at the Rue La La Lilly boutique?

European Travels!

Hey everyone-

When I go to Europe this summer, I'm doing a blog about my travels!

Be sure and check it out here. I'll be posting about everywhere I go!

Be appropriate when commenting, my parents are reading! I don't need them knowing about my alter ego, preppy politico

Saturday, May 2, 2009

last one today

I joined this new era and added a twitter account! my username is, obvi, preppypolitico. check it out!

Where are all the Halter Tops?

Are they not in fashion anymore? I love halter tops and I can't really find them anywhere. It's all flowy tank tops and peasant tops which, and don't get me wrong here, are just not for me. I look preggo when I wear a flowy top, I don't want to leave EVERYTHING to the imagination!
I just want a good halter top in cute summery colors. American Eagle has like, one, but it doesn't come in great colors, and yes, it's all flowy! I don't know who decided that the female form should be camoflaged like that.
For all of ya'll who look adorable in these fashions, I am jealous because I can't buy a damn thing without looking like a freakin Ringling Brother's circus tent.
If you know where to find this ellusive fashion, please let me know!!

the Kindle post I promised...

....about a hundred years ago.

OK, so the Kindle is incredible. I wanted to wait to post on it until I got the hang of it, worked it for awhile, and got all of its faboosh accessories.

So, here it is in its leather case:

One thing I was worried about was what happens to the "romance" of reading a book? Getting lost in its pages? And the cover completely rectifies that- after my first chapter of my first book, it felt exactly the same as reading an actual book.

Another thing was, I like to read in the tub (my family mocks me incessantly, so consider myself mocked sufficiently), and I was wondering how I would do this with an expensive piece of technology. My boyfriend's mom and I did some research to see what other Kindle users do, and they just put the thing in a plastic bag. I take it out of its case for this purpose. Works like a dream!

The last thing I was concerned about was the whole wireless transfer of books in Europe situation. The wireless doesn't work in countries outside of the US and our territories, but you can buy the books on, hook the kindle up to the computer, and transfer them to the device that way.

All in all, the BEST present ever- especially since I didn't have any idea it was coming! I can't wait to use this on the train from Florence to Rome!

sorry for the sabbatical!

But this semester, considering all of the capstones and europe preparations and just plain 'ol ridiculousness, I have been so bad at keeping up here.

housekeeping: When I'm in Europe, this will become a travel blog. I will try to update regularly, but I'm not sure of internet access and I won't have my computer, so I will do my best. I leave May 18 and return June 22. I might make a blog that is accessible to family/friends, so if I decide to do that, I will update ya'll on the address.

Secondly, Lauren over at Lauren Nicole Gifts is hosting an incredible giveaway. This Lilly Pulitzer bag is so cute and, of course, I would love to have it but decided to share the info! Just go on over to her site for info on how to win!

To keep this short I'm just going to post my other blogs separately.