Sunday, November 30, 2008

When In Rome....

This may give away my position...but that is OK, for I am going to RIVA in Switzerland for 6 weeks this summer! I just got accepted into an international communication program there and I will be studying international PR and photojournalism in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

My school has a villa there that I will live in with 29 other communication students and 3 faculty members. The program is 2 weeks of in-person study, and 4 weeks of online coursework that allow us to travel as groups, by ourselves, or with family or friends.

10 days of the travel weeks are going to spent with E, my favorite boyfriend ever, and we are going to Italy and France. 10 days will be spent with Twin, who is actually 10 years older than me, but is my lookalike sister nonetheless. We are going to go to Greece or Croatia, as well as Switzerland. The last week will be spent with Daddy, and him and I are going to Germany to the place where him and Mom met and fell in love (such a beautiful story...remind me to tell you sometime!)

I just found out during Thanksgiving, and that is what I am thankful for! The ability to further my horizons and spend time in Europe, learning other business practices, other cultures, and, perhaps most importantly, other foods. YUMMY italian food, I am so excited. I'm a little weary of French food, but hey, whilest in Rome/Paris...

Any suggestions for international travel? Hostels? Transportation? Food? Museums? Culture? I want to know all of it! I don't want to be one of those people who travels to Italy and eats in an Olive Garden, or goes to Paris and JUST sees the majestic Eiffel, and misses out on great, lesser known, experiences.

I'm off to the library to check out travel books on these glorious places!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I am so proud to be an American today. While the electoral process and me have had a difficult relationship for years, it was still incredibly evident through the electoral college and the popular vote that America was ready for something different, and that we knew exactly what we wanted.

Regardless of who you believe should have won this election, Barack Obama is going to be our president. It's important to be supportive of him in these trying times.

Last night, I got two incredible opportunities.

First, I got to hang out at a LGBT community event with some friends, and let me tell you- that group? Is so happy. This means so many changes for their community, and all changes for the good!

Second, I went to a friend's house for President Elect Barack Obama's celebratory speech. This friend happens to be Black, as is his roommate. The other girl there was Hispanic. D says, through tears, "I never thought I would live to see this day. I have never been so hopeful". I know that this election was not about race (it definitely wasn't a factor in my vote), but it is still historic, and it is still a huge, huge step forward in our country for tolerance and love for everyone regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation, and background.

God Bless America!

Monday, November 3, 2008

so cute!

My sister just bought a new puppy! Her name is lily and she is a 15 oz (omg) yorkie. Full-grown, she will weigh 5 pounds. She gets to pick Lil Lily up right before Thanksgiving, and as a welcome gift I ordered the cutest little Lily (ha) harness and leash. I got it in the mail is SO TINY!

Isn't this just adorable? Lil Lily is going to look super cute. And my siter will have something sunny to use to brighten the cold, windy, Chigaco winter. (Don't worry, Lily will have sweaters to keep her warm up there!)

Also, when all of the dogs come home for Christmas, we are taking a picture with the women of our family. To mark this occasion, Lily will get a teeny-tiny stocking to cuddle into, Emily will get an elf hat (she's a tiny little scottie), Carrie will get reindeer antlers (another scottie, the family doggie), and Twix will get a santa hat (she's a mutt, the biggest of the lot, and my own personal cuddle-bug!)

Aren't these just so precious? I can't wait. I will need to, of course, find the perfectly preppy stocking for Lily. I guess a stocking is fitting, seeing as she is a present and too tiny to wrap in a box (c:

Oh, hey everyone! In case you haven't left the hole you've been living in for the past few weeks, the election is tomorrow! Get out and vote!