Saturday, May 8, 2010

anyone still out there?

If you're not and it's because I haven't been posting... I understand. But I guess that having two blogs, two different blogs with such different content, was wearing me down. I just don't really have all that much to say all the time about everything. So I'm consolidating, and this blog is the one I'll stop writing on. But do me a favor and head over to and follow me there. It gets updated really regularly (at least as often as I go somewhere!) and will occasionally also discuss some other things.

I hope to see you over there. I promise that I will continue to be as pithy and hilarious over there.. and there will even be giveaways and reviews and all that good stuff. Come along with me as I discover the world!

Monday, November 16, 2009


This is my 50th blog entry...and as promised (even though it was like 20 years ago), I am going to be hosting a GIVEAWAY!! So be on the lookout this week for a fabulous prize (c:

In other news, many of you know that I have a travel blog for when I went to Europe this summer.. However, I have extended that blog to my other travels, as they seem to keep on coming. The url was originally, but I changed it to because I realized that Europe is so not it for me, and I want to show you where I go domestically and abroad, all over the world!! So head on over there for regular updates, as apparently I am a rolling stone and I gather no moss. Next trip: Philly!!

Monday, November 2, 2009


I know that drunk driving is bad and everything but look at this video: A man in Moscow was drinking on the job, and ran his forklift into a shelf...which hit another shelf and then another...which made his VODKA distribution center lose 150 grand worth of merch! Is it bad that I found this a little funny and more than a little ironic?

Don't drink and drive, kids!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Hey ya'll! I know that it has been ages since I updated...but in the midst of college wrapping up, endless job searching/interviews, my BF visiting most weekends, and a phenomenal football season, I am pretty busy... I promise I will be back with updates soon!! In the meantime...

My sister has a new blog up and it's really great if you love modern design and classic ideas for weddings, flowers, decorating, etc. It's super cute and you should check it out at

Tell her I sent you (c:

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

new computer!

For my birthday, I asked for gift cards to Apple so that I might one day be able to replace that wheezing, puffing, dying excuse for a computer that I call Pierre the Dell. Pierre the Dell has been giving me problems since about 6 months after I purchased him. The last straw was when about a month ago he took 35-- 35!!! minutes to start up. So, with a fair amount in gift cards from my incredibly generous and loving parents and sisters, as well as with the money I am making at my glamorous job (read: a dining hall on campus), I went out and purchased a snazzy new MacBook Pro!

It FINALLY came in on Friday, and my excuse for not blogging all weekend is because of football and this new device that I can't quiiiite get over.

But I've finally got her up and running (shall I name her?), and so it is back to the blogging world with me! Satirical Sundays weren't as big a hit as I had hoped, so I've been brainstorming other weeklies that I am planning to test drive.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

And i meant 50 this year...

So, soon! I'm silly and forgot to look Last years's blogs. Giveaway fun is about to begin!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Never forget

i will never forget what happened 8 years ago.