Friday, February 27, 2009

oh, my gosh

I'm an avid reader. I read on vacation, when I should be studying, when I should be sleeping, working, shopping, anything. I just love to do it.

So, when I found out I was going to Europe for a month and a half, I was experiencing a connundrum in the form of trying to figure out where, in that duffel bag and backpack that I have limited myself to, would I put all of my books?

Almost like a beacon of light, the Amazon Kindle found its way into the front of my mind. But, at $359 retail, I just could not justify the purchase, even though I want one more than I have ever wanted any technology, ipod included! (Because, as previously stated, I am a huge nerd and read all, all, ALL the time!)

So, I had reduced my aspirations to taking a few books and just getting over it, but I decided that when I got back from Europe I would work extra hard at the dining hall the rest of the summer to buy one, then use it for all subsequent trips.

Little did I know that my sisters had another plan for me! I was awoken by my sisters this morning at 7:45 to incessant text messages and calls imploring me to check my mail, and check I did and THERE WAS A KINDLE IN THERE!!!!

I was shaking so much I couldn't open the package. My sisters reminded me to take a deep breath and calm down, and to also remember that this is my graduation present, just...early. I am so thankful and grateful to have sisters, and this was so unexpected that I don't even know what to say. One thing I know is this: they may have upped the ante for their birthday presents! I was so surprised and shocked.

My friends, I will be posting later about all of the spiffiness of this incredible gift!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Whitney Caroline Designs Giveaway!

Hey everyone,

If you go over to Whitey Caroline Designs, you can sign up until the end of today to win one of these absolutley adorable message boards! I love the ribbon in the corner, don't you? I would love to have one of these hanging on my door at school!

Be sure to head on over there and check out the other things she has available, too!! (you won't regret it!)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's time to spruce things up a bit!

So, I have been blogging (poorly) for a few months now, and I want to re-vamp the whole thing.

First, does anyone know of a good blog designer? I want something preppy (duh) and perhaps Lilly-inspired, definitely something springy/summery. Maybe something that combines two of my favorites: Jackie O and Lilly? I think that that would be one heck of a combination, yes? Let me know if you know of anyone who can do that sort of thing.

Second, I realized while perusing other blogs like Lilly P. Wannabe, Preppy Pink Crocodile, and Nautical By Nature (to name a few!) that the blogging community is constantly helping other bloggers find items (clothes, gifts, swap items, etc. etc.) for important events, and I want to be in on that! I have a knack for picking out the perfect thing. Unfortunately, only for other people. I don't like to shop for myself because I am constantly questioning how good this, that, and the other look on me, so I can use some help myself! And who else to take inspiration from than my blogger friends, who seem to have infinite wisdom concerning these things!

My sister and I have started a small stationary design company, too, and I would LOVE to get some of that on here for swaps and give-aways! Everything is Made to order, and your vision for a design is always our priority! Yes, you can have personalized stationary, but where else can you get your very own design, one-of-a-kind, for the lowest fees you will find anywhere?

We're still working on a name. We're not sure, but we like cCk, which stands for C (my sister) K (me) and Custom in the middle, like a monogram, get it?

Anyway, be on the look-out for pictures and a date for the give-away!

And let me know about that blog designer, yes? (c: