Saturday, May 2, 2009

sorry for the sabbatical!

But this semester, considering all of the capstones and europe preparations and just plain 'ol ridiculousness, I have been so bad at keeping up here.

housekeeping: When I'm in Europe, this will become a travel blog. I will try to update regularly, but I'm not sure of internet access and I won't have my computer, so I will do my best. I leave May 18 and return June 22. I might make a blog that is accessible to family/friends, so if I decide to do that, I will update ya'll on the address.

Secondly, Lauren over at Lauren Nicole Gifts is hosting an incredible giveaway. This Lilly Pulitzer bag is so cute and, of course, I would love to have it but decided to share the info! Just go on over to her site for info on how to win!

To keep this short I'm just going to post my other blogs separately.

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