Saturday, May 16, 2009


I want to enter a super cute giveaway that Southern Starlet is hosting. However, the first step is: put her button on my page.

How do you do that? I feel like I should know this.


Midwest Musings said...

go to customize blog (at the top right hand corner), then click on "add a gadget" choose add pic I think it the one you want then you can add the button.

Angela said...

1. Copy the text code underneath her button.
2. Go to the layout page of your blog (you can get here from your dashboard) and select "Add new gadget."
3. A new window will open. Select html/text option.
4. In this box, paste the code you copied earlier from her website.
5. Save.
6. Move to wherever you want it to be on your blog by moving the box around on your edit layout page.
7. Preview and save changes.