Saturday, May 2, 2009

Where are all the Halter Tops?

Are they not in fashion anymore? I love halter tops and I can't really find them anywhere. It's all flowy tank tops and peasant tops which, and don't get me wrong here, are just not for me. I look preggo when I wear a flowy top, I don't want to leave EVERYTHING to the imagination!
I just want a good halter top in cute summery colors. American Eagle has like, one, but it doesn't come in great colors, and yes, it's all flowy! I don't know who decided that the female form should be camoflaged like that.
For all of ya'll who look adorable in these fashions, I am jealous because I can't buy a damn thing without looking like a freakin Ringling Brother's circus tent.
If you know where to find this ellusive fashion, please let me know!!

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