Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rue La La!!

How is it that everyone knew about this place but me?
However, thanks to Preppy Pink Crocodile, I got an invite to this excellent online source!

I am new to the Lilly movement, and the only Lilly Pulitzer I have ever bought was the leash/harness I got for my sister's puppy for Christmas, which doesn't actually belong to me.

Well, I had COVETED this halter top (I found a halter top!) when it was in-season last year, but the price-tag kept me away. But with the Rue La La boutique sale, I got it for $49! I couldn't pass it up!!

Because I've spent this entire year saving every penny for Europe and never once going outside of a strict monthly budget, spending the money gave me INCREDIBLE buyer's remorse, even though I've given myself a shopping budget for summer clothes. Luckily, whenever I look at this picture, I get all thrilled and happy! I hope hope HOPE that it fits well and that my first piece of Lilly turns me into a lifetime lover of it!
What did ya'll buy at the Rue La La Lilly boutique?

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Beth Dunn said...

I'm loving those shorts. So cute! xoxo