Saturday, May 2, 2009

the Kindle post I promised...

....about a hundred years ago.

OK, so the Kindle is incredible. I wanted to wait to post on it until I got the hang of it, worked it for awhile, and got all of its faboosh accessories.

So, here it is in its leather case:

One thing I was worried about was what happens to the "romance" of reading a book? Getting lost in its pages? And the cover completely rectifies that- after my first chapter of my first book, it felt exactly the same as reading an actual book.

Another thing was, I like to read in the tub (my family mocks me incessantly, so consider myself mocked sufficiently), and I was wondering how I would do this with an expensive piece of technology. My boyfriend's mom and I did some research to see what other Kindle users do, and they just put the thing in a plastic bag. I take it out of its case for this purpose. Works like a dream!

The last thing I was concerned about was the whole wireless transfer of books in Europe situation. The wireless doesn't work in countries outside of the US and our territories, but you can buy the books on, hook the kindle up to the computer, and transfer them to the device that way.

All in all, the BEST present ever- especially since I didn't have any idea it was coming! I can't wait to use this on the train from Florence to Rome!

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