Monday, July 13, 2009

Smith Mountain Lake!

I had a great weekend with my (now graduated) boyfriend and 2 of his roommates. Also one of our friends who (thank goodness!!) hasn't graduated yet came along. I must say, it was a bittersweet event. We had a great time boating, canoeing, fishing, and tubing (though it was also painful), but it is very sad to see their time at Virginia Tech coming to a close.

Because my digi died in March and my only camera is a big one that I use mostly for professional and school work, I didn't take it with sadly there are no pictures of me flying 15 feet into the air after hitting a larger wave than I bargained for on a tube. Nor are there pictures of the bruising from said adventure. I'll just let you imagine that!

But we did have a great time, especially because it was supposed to rain all weekend and didn't! We grilled out, made tacos, drank beer, and just had a great time. There was no TV there, no internet access, and barely a cell phone signal. So we just got to enjoy our time together.

I am in the process of picking out a new camera, does anyone have any ideas? I need one for my upcoming trips to Jacksonville, Boston, Charleston, and Nashville!!

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