Thursday, July 9, 2009

Crest White Strips

Hey guys, I've been using these Crest White Strips for about a week, and my teeth are starting to get really sensitive- I had read that that is common, so I expected it. My question is, do you know if it gets worse than this or if it stays pretty constant? Also, have Crest White Strips (or any other form of at-home whitening) worked for any of you?


This Minneapolis Life said...

I used Crest White Strips in high school and college and had mild to strong sensitivity about 4 days into the treatment lasting all the way through (in those days they only had the two-week option). I'm not going to lie, my teeth hurt but it was very effective. After the treatment was over, the sensitivity would go away within a week. I have heard that using Sensodyne toothpaste before, during, and after using the white strips is helpful and I am definitely going to do that next time I whiten.

Meetu2nyte said...

Yikes! thats no fun. I feel your pain. You might wanna try real teeth bleach. It works faster than the strips, so you dont have to use them as long. Maybe check out = good quality