Saturday, July 4, 2009

The first of many

Hey everyone! So, I have come out of my blog coma, and will commence updates now!!

First, I promised I would give an updated review on my Kindle, as well as my LUSH solid shampoo and conditioners. Well, there's good and bad news.

The good news is that the Kindle is a joy to travel with. The wireless doesn't work internationally, however, if you bring along your USB cord, uploading new books from is a cinch, and the battery lasts for. ev. er. I literally read almost 10 books during the 5 weeks I was gone; I charged the Kindle 3 times. And that was when I was listening to MP3's on it sometimes, too!! Literally, the best gift ever.
The only problem is the twitching that I get when it's out of my sight on trains, planes, and busses. However, I have to look at the Kindle like it's an iPod. Yeah, someone might want to steal it- but they probably won't. And, once I got over my fears, I fully enjoyed it.
The other slight issue was connectivity to the computers in Europe. I have to assume it was something to do with the interface of the Kindle, but the danged thing would not connect to:
1) the computer @ a bed and breakfast we stayed at in Rome,
2) the computer @ a hostel we stayed at in Florence.
However, I attached the Kindle to computers at internet cafes, the airport, and all of our other hotels, with literally no issue. Maybe it was due to slow internet and or obsolete equipment (the computers @ the hostel were overused and kind of old).

Anyway, all in all, I would say a solid 95% for the Kindle.

And now, for the bad news. Let me preface this by saying that I hate to give bad reviews. However, if something is deserving of a bad review, then I feel honor-bound to tell you guys about it.
The LUSH products? Suck. I truly want to apologize if you purchased them and they are as bad on your hair as they were on mine. These products worked alright with my city water here in Blacksburg, however, once I got to Ireland, something about the water there and the way it interacted with these products caused my hair to do massively horrible things that it has never done before. My sister, who has the same hair type as me, said that nothing was the matter with her hair, and she was using her normal product. So I know it wasn't just the water. I threw the shampoo and conditioner away. I went to a convenience store once I hit Switzerland, got my normal Pantene, and all was well with the world after a few days- I have to assume that the shampoo and conditioner were working overtime to compensate for the atrocious mess atop my head due to this product.

The grade? A 40%. Something that is made for traveling but then only works when you're not traveling doesn't really get a passing grade in my book. Extra points off for giving me dry, unruly hair during the biggest photo op of my life!

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Torch Lake Prep said...

I agree with you --- LOVE my kindle...don't love Lush products. Those bath bombs are a nightmare -