Wednesday, July 8, 2009

new diet

My mother and I recently decided to start a diet we've been talking about for awhile now. We figured that the start date could be this week, and then the end is when my sister gets married. This is because we figure that's a good timeframe in which to get into shape.

So that gives us until October 2010- 15 months. That's long enough to healthily lose a lot of weight. I've always been concerned with my ever-expanding waistline, because in high school I was pretty thin. Then, in college, factor in the booze, the food, the stress, etc., and I gained a lot.

When I went to Europe, I was eating whatever I wanted (and we ate a LOT), but walking a ton every day, so I ended up losing about 6 pounds-- a little more than a pound a week, without even trying. I would like to lose a pound a week until my sister's wedding. 60 pounds, you may shriek-- but 60 pounds would do me a world of good.

It's really awkward to talk about dieting in a blog and not giving a number! Maybe once I start to lose I'll be more willing to dish... probably really excited, actually. Just know that I'm not at risk, health-wise, or anything...Just really unhappy that I've let this happen.

I am 21- If it's not easy now, then what on earth makes me think it will be easy when I'm 40 and weigh 300 pounds? Enough is enough.

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Lindsey said...

Good for you! You can totally do this, I'm cheering you on!!