Sunday, August 2, 2009

Owning up to my name

So, since "politico" is, in fact, in my blog's name, I figured that once a week I should do a political blog. We're gonna call it Satirical Sundays, because let's face it- I'm pretty sarcastic. Also, most of the time I don't take what the people in Washington are doing too seriously- otherwise I would drive myself crazy.

My hope is that these posts don't offend, and I will always try to be diplomatic. I like to be as objective as I can. I will make fun of things that I find silly, but I also know when to be serious. I'm not trying to lose readers here: I'm trying to educate myself and learn to formulate my own opinions.

This week, let's talk about an event involving that president of ours, Barack Obama. The event was called Beer Summit. Apparently, there were no keg stands, but I can't help but imagine Obama doing one. Obama conducted a gathering between himself, Henry Louis Gates (The Harvard professor who was arrested for trying to break into his own house) and the arresting officer, Sgt. James Crowley.
Leading up to this were Obama's comments during a press conference. Obama responded to a question about the arrest by saying that race played a role, and that African Americans and Lations are stopped "disproportionately" by law enforcement, which got US law enforcement pretty upset. To make amends, Obama decided to use this as a learning experience and get the two together for beers to discuss what went wrong, how it could have gone better, and probably to apologize himself for making comments like that to the press.
A press conference held after the event led to both men saying that race should not be an issue, that Obama is a wise and kind person, and that they hoped this experience would lead to education. On all of these points, I agree. Race is still an important issue, and one which I am glad Obama responded how he did, by using these mistakes as a learning experience for the US.
Many don't appreciate what Obama did. I've been on the fence about how I feel about this event, because on the one hand it was a great learning experience and gave visibility to an important issue and is likely to have a large effect on interracial relations in the long run.
On the other hand, he's the president- shouldn't he be doing big things, like getting the war taken care of, working on that health care project of his, etc.?
But then I realized that he's the president. It's his duty to better the nation so that the United States can benefit from his term in office. And his job is to fix the big problems. And in one single afternoon, he did much more than share a beer with a professor and a cop. It was so simple, but led to so much visibility for a problem that I think has been neglected lately, which is equality for all Americans, regardless of race.

Now, this was the first edition of Satirical Sundays, and I would like to know what you want to hear about- whether it be an event, a social issue, anything. I also want to know if you want more or less of my opinion, or if you just want me to tell the story and present facts, or anything you think of.

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