Saturday, August 1, 2009


My apologies for not blogging lately, but I just got back from Boston. Read on...

One of my friends, A, from study abroad lives in Boston, so me and another SA friend, S, decided it was high time for a visit.

On Tuesday, we went downtown and had verrrry interesting experiences. It all started when we got on the T (Boston's subway system) with about 40 screaming YMCA children. Then on gets a short man who came up to my friends' chests. Then he proceeded to talk to them, and by "them" I mean "their chests".

We finally escaped, and walked part of the freedom trail, which took us to Boston Common (a park), the Old South Meeting House, and the Boston Massacre site. Here is me and S on the freedom trail: I really wanted to do a duck tour but then we ran out of time because we were heading over to Fire and Ice for dinner with my friend (I guess you could say we dated?) from HS, who also lives in Boston. Here is the chef, A, me, and S at the grill: Me and my HS friend talk to each other a lot, but we haven't seen each other for awhile. Me, A, and S had prepped for every awkward situation we thought might come up, as they so often do in these situations. Well, let me tell you...what we were not prepared for was him bringing his new girlfriend to dinner! Luckily, at Fire and Ice, you get time away from your table because you go up to a bar to pick out your food and have it cooked. When we sat down with our 2nd plates, everything was completely normal. He could have told me, so I could have gotten a table for 5 instead of 4, which led to us all awkwardly standing around while the hostess found us a table. I didn't mind her being there at all, I just would have liked to have been informed before I saw them walk in the door.

Sometime during our post-dinner conversation, A goes to put her cell phone in her purse...which we discover is MIA. A staff member comes over to ask us if she is missing her purse, because they found one in the bathroom, and a really sketchy woman was just seen fleeing the restaurant. A's wallet was gone! We had taken our purses up to the bar with us to avoid this very thing, and it was taken while we all sat right there! Luckily, there wasn't a lot of cash in it, and we were able to cancel all of her cards before anything was stolen. She said the worst part was feeling violated because someone had her ID, which would really bother me as well.
The manager comp'ed our entire meal, and my buddy and his GF eventually made their leave. We left the restaurant and called the police to make a report, and A was in better spirits as we head back to the parking garage at the Prudential Center. We headed out of the city, and fell asleep, exhausted from our long day.

The next day, we went shopping at a ginormous outdoor outlet mall, then went to see the Hangover, which is about to eclipse Harry Potter as my favorite summer movie. Then we went to sleep very sad because we would have to say our goodbyes in the morning )c:

All in all, a really fun trip. It was nice to see my friends, both old and new, and it was really fun to see a new city! Some awkward moments, some upsetting moments, but mostly just a lot of fun.


This Minneapolis Life said...

Oh, I am so sorry to hear about your friend's stolen purse. I agree, the worst thing about it is feeling violated! I thought the Hangover was hilarious, for a couple really raunchy parts! Glad you had an overall fun weekend :)

Lea Liz said...

Glad you had so a f un trip girl!! I can't believe your friends wallet got stolen, people will do anything!!!!!!! I hate that too tho about her ID!!

Thank you so much for my awesome swap package!!!!!!!!!!!!