Thursday, December 11, 2008

Groceries and Aaron Karo

Ok, so I'm in the middle of finals. I'm leaving for Manhattan in a week, and I'm thinking, I'm out of food but I'm leaving in a week, so why would I buy more? It's like, just buy a half-gallon of milk you fool! Now I have to drive 10 minutes to get a sub instead of 2 minutes to the grocery store because I'm too lazy to buy my own bread and turkey.

Also, have you ever had a conversation where someone is talking about a blog you read? Here is an example:

E: So, the guy whose blog I read went to Penn, and it's so funny how he talks about how crazy it is up there because it's an ivy league school and you don't expect that kind of thing from an ivy league school.

Me: Why are they all from Penn? The guy whose blog I read is from Penn, too. What are they doing, creating a new species of funny blog authors? Have you ever heard of Ruminations by Aaron Karo?

E: Are you effing kidding me

Really? In this era of billions of blogs, how is it that E and I, two completely opposite personalities, ended up reading and loving the same blog by some guy who lives in LA? Of course, there are other blogs that aren't read by anyone but the author. Oh, oops. Did I just call myself out?

by the way, check out Read from the beginning. This guy was funnier than me, and more intelligent than I ever hope to be, when he was a freshman in college. This guy figured out things it took me 3 years of college to figure out in his first month. Makes me question the validity of my GPA.

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