Saturday, January 17, 2009

And we're back!

Well Hey!

I'm back in Black(sburg) and it's been an incredibly relaxing break. I went to Miami, New York, and Baltimore, and had just a really great break in general. I spent the majority of my break, as you may know, working for my dad and earning money for my summer study abroad. It was worth it, and I learned a bunch from the Hardware Man himself (politics not included).

Tomorrow, it's back to the grind, and I start work again at the best dining hall ever. Don't hate: working in on-campus dining has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my working life. It's rough, and long, but it pays well, my bosses are incredible, I've made solid friends, and I've financed all of the above trips. Not to mention I've got managerial experience under my belt now.

But before I get into that, can I just mention how incredible the Orange Bowl, and the trip in general, was? I know I promised pictures if the weather was good...but I will have to steal those from Twin in order to do that because I failed at taking pictures a-tall. So more on that later. But man oh man, our seats were incredible (right next to the band on the lower section in the 15th row!)

Classes start on Tuesday (inauguration day!!), and despite the fact that my course load has FINALLY fallen from 18 hours a semester to 12 (phew!), it is proving already to be an intense semester. Should be fun.

Re: inauguration. Does anyone know what the Television coverage is going to be for the event? I'm going to be in class/work all day and night but hope to catch the "highlight reel" when I get home...and perhaps some of the inaugural ball (where Beyonce is singing...what?).

At the end of it all, I'm quite glad to be back in Blacksburg. Teeny Town, where my parents transplated me after I graduated high school, just doesn't cut it for me. I can't wait for all of my friends to get back into town and revel this semester, seeing as it is most everyone's last (not me! I've got one more left!).



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