Wednesday, October 15, 2008

TPP in Chicago!

This weekend I went to Chicago and had an amazing time. I'll spare you most of the details because you will no doubt shrivel up with jealousy. Suffice it to say, I ended up in the Signature lounge in Hancock Center, along with Obama's campaign workers. I had to literally hold myself back from asking them if he was going to be there (c: Delicious drinks, though, and an incredible view.

Tip for the wise: When visiting Chicago, to avoid the 13 dollar fee to go to the observation deck in Hancock, go to the Signature Lounge for drinks. An incredible drink is 13 bucks, and you get the same amazing view. A real win-win, I would say. Oh, and for the ladies, go to the women's rest room. It has the best view in the entire tower (sorry, guys!)

I tried to convince my sisters to go by Obama's house for a little bit of cultural stimulation, but my Chicago-dwelling sister assured me that we couldn't get within viewing distance because of secret service. Too bad. We reconciled ourselves to going to see a comedy sketch called Campaign Supernova at the Second City. I highly recommend it; it was incredibly funny and entertaining. However, the sketch is extremely if you take issue with that, I don't suggest this show. But that was to be expected in Chicago I suppose (c:

One more thing. Don't lay down under the Bean in Millenium Park. You will get your yellow Izod cable-knit sweater COVERED in black USOs (Unidentified Staining Objects) and your sisters will not let you live it down, because why would you lay down under the Bean? Not for the great pictures or anything...

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