Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Students and Apathy Towards Voting

Yesterday (October 6) was the last day to register to vote in Virginia. I was walking around campus and, having registered my ownself about a month and a half ago at my parents' new address, was impervious to the yells of fellow students about time running out to be able to cast a vote in this, a most historical election.

Sets the scene, doesn't it, for a wonderfully long line of college kids signing up because they all care about something enough to actually vote for or against it. Unfortunately, that is not the case. I actually heard students, at a state university, say no, they wouldn't register to vote. Why should they? College kids don't have strong opinions about anything, and even if they did, their opinions don't matter in the big picture of presidential elections. Right?


Many of my professors and other adults feel that students today don't care enough about anything to do something about it. Unfortunately, the system tells students that caring about some issue is not enough, and that having a voice doesn't mean it gets heard, so students simply don't take a stand.

It's a little late to be publishing this post, seeing as voter registration ended yesterday. However, there will be other elections. I don't care if you are liberal, conservative, democratic, republican, independent, or whatever. If you count yourself as "apathetic", consider one family member that you would do anything for. Then, pick something that that person relies on lawmakers to have. Let that be your stand.

Everyone has the opportunity to make a difference- and it's not too late for college kids. A lot of people don't realize that who elections put into public office affect whether or not we will receive federal and state funding to pay for our education. This should scare all of us into rocking our own personal vote. If that's not enough, what about the fact that our parents (or maybe even we) have money invested in a stock market that is on the brink of failing us?

There are things that can be done. Everyone believes that this generation is lazy, undereducated, and apathetic. Who would want those words to describe them?

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