Friday, September 4, 2009

Prep For Fall Swap Goodies!

Thank you so much, Kathie at My Preppy Purse!! The Prep for Fall swap hosted by Hopsy was so much fun, and I got a ton of great stuff from Kathie. She sent me all of these super cute things that had me giggling with excitement when I opened up this pandora's box of prep!

Ladies, would you just LOOK at all of this fabulous stuff? My favorite is in the upper left hand corner- it's a mini file holder, and it has labels for things like "gift cards", "receipts", "to-do lists", and "coupons"-- all of the stuff that I never have anywhere to put! I LOVE this thing and it's put to use all the time.

I also adore the koozie- on the bottom it says, "I did it!" and Kathie sent it to me for when I graduate in December... this woman is so thoughtful, I tell you! It is so nice getting to know her! I'm already using everything else and it all just brightens my day every time.

Thanks again, Kathie, and thank you, Hopsy, for hosting such a great swap!

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